INA is Indonesia’s sovereign wealth fund, a sui generis entity wholly owned by the Government of Indonesia and established under the Law and Government Regulations of the Republic of Indonesia. We manage national investment to grow wealth and sustainable development for Indonesia.
There are several unique characteristics of INA, but most importantly INA receives some degree of bankruptcy protection and special tax treatment, as well as full support from the Indonesian Government.
INA aims to grow wealth and sustainable development in Indonesia by actively seeking credible and potential investors to co-invest, offering many possibilities in terms of the investment schemes and partnerships.
In terms of day-to-day business activities, INA is managed by 5 (five) members of the Board of Directors who have longstanding professional experience. On top of that, INA also has a Supervisory Board in charge of monitoring and reporting directly to the President, with 3 (three) members from the private sector and 2 (two) ex-officio members: the Minister of Finance as Chairman of the Supervisory Board, and the Minister of State-Owned Enterprises.