Responsible Investment

INA believes that responsible investment is critical to ensure sustainability and long-term success for the development of Indonesia, for our investment partners and for INA itself. By responsible investments, we mean sound, sustainable investments, that take Environmental, Social, and Governance issues very seriously as well as providing attractive value added, risk adjusted returns for all investors including INA.

Responsible to Our Partners

INA believes that the key to sustainable and high quality development is to unlock value through innovative, accountable measures in investments, ensuring strict adherence to applicable laws & regulations. Together with our partners, INA aim to be an active investor, which can deliver optimal returns.

Responsible to Our People

As an institution that seeks to contribute to the development of Indonesia through financial and non-financial contributions, INA is committed to attract and develop Indonesia’s best talents into world-class professionals. These professionals will then be a powerful force to advance the national development for many years to come.