About Us
 What is NIA?
Nusantara Investment Authority (NIA) is a sui generis entity fully owned by the Indonesian government with a special mandate to perform Indonesian central government investment management. NIA was incorporated under the Law of Job Creation in 2020 to own and manage central government investment on a commercial basis. As a legal complementary, a specific Government Decree is designed to enable LPI/NIA to achieve the optimum value of investments through a long-term holding. NIA had an initial capital of about USD 5 billion sourcing from a mix of cash, government shares on state-owned enterprises, state receivables, and state-owned assets.
 Fund Structure
NIA focuses on attracting foreign capital through joint investment (co-investment) on certain projects or funds. Our fund structured as follows: Commercial Fund
Commercial Fund
  • Capital maximization mission
  • Investment focus domestic/abroad
  • Investment on commercial project
  • Risk adjusted return by certain level
Strategic Fund
  • Development mission
  • Investment focus domestic
  • Investment on strategic asset
    (core/critical/high impact infrastructure)