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Indonesia's SWF strengthens private debt funding
November 14, 2023

Indonesia's SWF strengthens private debt funding

From an initial government-funded capital base of $5 billion in 2021, the Indonesia Investment Authority (INA) has since grown to $9 billion of assets under management, and has deployed $3 billion of it. Several new allocations and joint venture projects are expected to be rolled out in the coming months by the sovereign wealth fund, concentrated on INA’s four key sectors: infrastructure and logistics, digital infrastructure, healthcare, and green energy.

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INA and DBJ Collaborate to Explore Hybrid Capital Solutions Investment Opportunities

INA and DBJ have signed an Investment Framework Agreement, strengthening their commitment to making joint investments guided by mutually agreed eligibility criteria, with the aim of providing optimal capital returns with measurable risks, while facilitating country-level collaboration between Japan and Indonesia. INA and DBJ are ready to explore joint investment opportunities in the field of hybrid capital solutions in Indonesia, either directly or through their affiliates.

Indonesia's energy transition is challenging

“Indonesia’s energy transition is challenging. When we are talking about renewable energy in Indonesia, the challenge is not only about the cost, but also the lack of adequate supply of electricity. Instead of building fossil-fuelled energy sources and later changing it to renewable to fix the problem, we should build a green energy source from the get-go.“ said CEO INA Ridha Wirakusumah during his interview with CNBC Asia regarding the energy transition in Indonesia.

INA and GDS collaborate to develop data center in Nongsa Special Economic Zone

INA and GDS, a developer and operator of data centers in Asia with a wide base of international investors, have announced a partnership to develop and expand the data center landscape in Indonesia. Indonesia is a growing data center market with a similar vision of the pivotal role of data centers in its digital transformation. The GDS-INA partnership comes at a crucial moment, especially as the data center industry is rapidly expanding, supported by Indonesia's digital economic transformation, IoT technology, a massive shift toward cloud computing, and the widespread use of artificial intelligence.

Indonesia pursues blood plasma domestic production

The government continues to encourage the resilience of the domestic pharmaceutical sector through plasma fractionation, namely the use of blood plasma to produce medicinal products. So far, the need for plasma fractionation is still completely dependent on imports. To overcome this, the Indonesia Investment Authority (INA) signed a Term Sheet between Indonesia, as a state-owned body that manages investment funds with SK Plasma.

INA and CEXIM to Joint Forces in Various Sectors

INA and The Export-Import Bank of China (CEXIM) have signed a Co-operation Framework Agreement for investment in various sectors, including infrastructure, energy, and information and communications. Both parties are committed to channelling funding in a way that not only ensures optimal returns with measurable risks, but also encourages sustainable economic development and collaboration.

No Single Strategy for ASEAN Investors

Over the past decade ASEAN has emerged as a global standout in attracting foreign direct investment. Its consistent economic growth, favourable demographics and strategic location have made it attractive for investors. Alongside these regional benefits, each member country continues to present its own unique blend of opportunities and challenges.