About Us

What is INA

INA is a government fund established under the law of the Republic of Indonesia to manage national investment, with the specific purpose of building wealth for future generations and to contribute to Indonesia's economic development

Visions of INA

INA aims to help attain Indonesia’s sustainable development AND to build wealth for the country’s future generation

"Indonesia's immense potential can turn into reality if we open our heart and minds for knowledge, input and learning from others as well as from within. We need to start with a deep sense of humility, accepting that we can be better if we respect one another, that we can adopt from the world best practices, that we can adapt to challenging situations, that we can learn from both success and failure, and that we always do things right and do the right things"

"Knowledge is Power but Character is More"

Dr. Ridha D.M. Wirakusumah

Chief Executive Officer

Missions of INA

Delivering Optimal Returns

Long-term perspective to ensure the development of wealth for future generations

Prioritizing the commercial aspect and building capability to add value to the investments

Collaborating with Credible Investors

Building operations that are aligned with the best practices in global investment

Building a reputation and image as a credible and world class investment institution

Developing People

Building a working culture to attract top talent

Developing future leaders to spearhead Indonesia’s national development

Creating Value

Unlocking and strengthening the long-term value of the assets

Supporting local champions to regional and global champions

Advancing Indonesia Competitiveness

Unleashing the economic potential of Indonesia in a sustainable way, leveraging Indonesia's unique characteristics (demographic surpluses, resources, etc)

Integrating International Standards

Building a platform that integrates international standards and practices

Although newly established, INA has joined as an associate member of the IFSWF and fully intends to fulfill the accepted standard of the Santiago Principles

Values of INA


INA's Value


INA's Value


INA's Value


INA's Value

Symbiotic Collaboration

INA's Value


Assets Under Management

As a newly established entity, INA currently manages USD 5 billion assets under management, injected by the Government of Indonesia. As part of its investment strategy and mandate, INA is looking to collaborate with credible investors, global and local, to invest in assets in Indonesia. Together with its investor partner, INA aims to grow the Assets Under Management (AUM) to USD 20 billion in the near future.