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Audited Financial Statements

INA publishes its audited financial statements every year that adhere to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

INA continues its unwavering commitment to invest in key growth areas, with the aim of building wealth for future generations and contributing to the sustainable economic development of Indonesia."

The Year of Closing Deals – Progressing Towards Sustainable Future

Throughout 2022, the Indonesia Investment Authority (INA) continued its unwavering commitment to invest in key growth areas, with the aim of building wealth for future generations and contributing to the sustainable economic development of Indonesia.

Established by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia in 2021 as the nation’s sovereign wealth fund, the Indonesia Investment Authority (INA) is committed to empowering key growth sectors of the Indonesian economy and fostering enhanced socio-economic outcomes for the Indonesian people. Through a staged capital injection of up to Rp75 trillion extending until the end of 2021, we are positioned to fuel the long-term prosperity of Indonesia.

We are pleased to announce that we have been able to secure investment commitments from both domestic and foreign investors, amounting to more than Rp400 trillion (equivalent to USD27 billion), and we are committed in creating long-term economic and social impact from these investments.

We recorded a net profit of Rp2.62 trillion in 2022 which is a noteworthy increase of more than 10 times compared to 2021, this aligns with the growth of total assets and equity to Rp99.8 trillion (2021: Rp79.2 trillion) and Rp96.9 trillion (2021: Rp79.1 trillion), respectively. Our financial statement has been prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), emphasizing our commitment to transparency and accountability in financial reporting.

We progressively invested in our strategic target sectors. We signed our first deal in the Energy Transition Mechanism (ETM) and Electric Vehicle (EV) ecosystem during the B20 Presidency forum, and we made our first investment in the healthcare industry.

Our other key achievements included the signing of an Investment Framework Agreement with the China’s Silk Road Fund aimed at facilitating investment co-operation in Indonesia, with a particular focus on the digital and healthcare sectors.

An Investment Framework Agreement was also signed with the Investment Fund for Developing Countries of the Kingdom of Denmark to explore investment opportunities to advance green energy transition and inclusive social development in Indonesia.

Further, we have signed an agreement with BlackRock, Allianz Global Investors, Orion Capital Asia, and other leading global financial institutions to provide a financing facility to Traveloka, a pioneer for digital transformation in travel sector in Indonesia and in Southeast Asia.

We firmly believe that the investments we made in 2022 will give benefit and impacts on people’s lives in the long term. Our investment in the healthcare industry aims to enhance healthcare access throughout Indonesia by optimizing existing retail and healthcare delivery channels and facilitating the digitalization of the healthcare system, thereby could serve a broader patients and customers. The Energy Transition Mechanism (ETM) and Electric Vehicle (EV) deals are pivotal in Indonesia’s Net Zero Emission initiative by 2060, which aims to reduce carbon emissions and improve environmental sustainability. Additionally, investments in infrastructure such as toll roads and port are crucial components that can support economic development and growth while fostering trade and commerce.

As a responsible sovereign wealth fund, INA is committed to upholding solid framework for governance and risk management that adheres to international standards. In keeping with its pledge to uphold these global governance standards, INA became a full member of the International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Fund (IFSWF) on 20 September 2022, a global network of sovereign wealth funds of more than 40 countries.

As a full member of the IFSWF, INA agrees to uphold the Generally Accepted Principles and Practices for governance, investment, and risk management of sovereign wealth funds, known as The Santiago Principles.

Membership in IFSWF provides us with a range of benefits, including access to best practices, networking opportunities and reputation enhancement. By adhering to IFSWF principles, we can further demonstrate our commitment to responsible investment and good governance.

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