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Di Insights Hub, kami merangkum berbagai pemikiran yang membahas topik-topik yang memiliki signifikansi jangka panjang bagi bangsa dan dunia kita. Ini bukan hanya tentang menemukan semua jawaban, tetapi bagaimana kita dapat mengajukan pertanyaan-pertanyaan yang tepat dan mencari pemahaman. Di sini, Anda akan menemukan perspektif dari tim kami yang beragam, yang semuanya dibuat dengan mempertimbangkan masa depan Indonesia.

Viewpoint: Expanding data centre capacity can ensure Indonesia’s continued digital vitality
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Digitalisasi & Infrastruktur Digital
October 18, 2023

Viewpoint: Expanding data centre capacity can ensure Indonesia’s continued digital vitality

The significance of data centres in powering Indonesia's digital evolution is immense. With a forecasted surge in GDP, an internet penetration rate of over 70%, and an expected growth in the digital economy to $360 billion by 2030, the need for expanding data centre capabilities is not just imperative but lucrative.

Dive deeper into this insightful piece by INA's CIO, Stefanus Ade Hadiwidjaja, on DealStreetAsia. Discover how this positions Indonesia prominently in the Southeast Asian digital landscape.

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Helping Address Humanity’s Greatest Challenges by Investing in Emerging Markets

Can investments in emerging markets both address global challenges and offer compelling returns? Our CEO Ridha D. M. Wirakusumah, explores this intersection, spotlighting Indonesia's unique position. From its demographic dynamics to rich natural resources, he paints a picture of Indonesia's promise.

Discover how strategic partnerships and patient, resilient efforts can pave the way for a brighter, sustainable future. Dive into the full article for an in-depth understanding: https://milkeninstitute.org/article/emerging-markets-indonesia-greatest-challenges

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No single strategy for ASEAN investors

Our Chief Risk Officer, Marita Alisjahbana, sheds light on an important topic: while ASEAN has been a global magnet for foreign direct investment, each member country, including Indonesia, requires a unique investment strategy.

At INA, our investments are guided by a dual mandate: to achieve long-term commercial returns and to foster sustainable economic development in Indonesia’s strategic sectors. We are committed to delivering value through exceptional governance and business practices.

No single strategy for ASEAN investors - Academia - The Jakarta Post

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Leveraging Indonesia’s demographic dividend

Few variables have as significant an impact on our economic future as population trends. For decades, countries have relied on growing populations to drive prosperity and progress, but we have since entered a new demographic paradigm.

Despite the challenges provided by demographic trends, such as an aging population, these transformations can be viewed as accelerators for innovation and advancement rather than impassable barriers.

Our CEO, Ridha D. M. Wirakusumah, shares his insights on the importance of long-term and sustainable investment to meet the needs of Indonesia's rapidly growing youth population. To learn more about his thoughts and Indonesia's demographic dividend, take a moment to read this insightful piece published by OMFIF here: https://www.omfif.org/44140-2/

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Energi Hijau & Transformasi

International partnerships key unlocking Indonesia’s geothermal potential

Indonesia's geothermal energy is a renewable, low-carbon emitting treasure waiting to be unlocked. And yet, it's not an easy task. The surveying and drilling processes can be complex, costly, and risky. That's where the power of international partnerships comes in.

Our CEO, Ridha D. M. Wirakusumah, along with Masdar (Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company)'s CEO, Mohamed Jameel Al Ramahi, explore how these collaborations can scale up geothermal energy development in Indonesia. By supporting the recent IPO of PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy, we're taking steps toward harnessing this potential, aiming to contribute to our net-zero emissions target by 2060 and bringing economic benefits.

Discover more about how we're working together to tap into Indonesia's abundant geothermal energy resources in the full article: International partnerships key unlocking Indonesia’s geothermal potential - Academia - The Jakarta Post